High performance MC/MM Phono Preamplifier


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The Nash MC/MM Phono preamplifier is a high-performance, leading-edge unit dedicated to phono pickpus which is incredibly versatile. Thanks to the wide range of gain and input impedance settings, it accomodates every cartridge model around.
Two phono inputs are available: MM and MC, therefore two pickups can be connected at the same time.
Two line level inputs allow user to also connect other kind of sources, like tuners, reel tape recorders, etc.
The Nash is operated by its front panel controls, by its IR remote control and by an app on Android and Apple smartphones which also allows for optimally set the pickup interface paramenters and gain, thanks to the extensive pickups database.
The outstanding signal-to-noise ratio can be further improved by powering the Nash by the Van der Graaf MkII ultralow-noise power supply.

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso 2.5 kg
Dimensioni 34 × 20 × 5 cm
MC Gain


MM Gain


MC input impedance

10 Ohms to 1000 Ohms

MM Input resistance and capacitance

47 kOhms or 15 kOhms, 100pF or 220pF or 470pF or any compbination of the base values