USB 2.0 Audio Class compliant receiver with I2S output


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High performance USB-to-I2S receiver for DAC’s and other digital audio devices.
USB 2.0 Audio Class compliant.
No driver required for OSx and Linux. Windows users will use the same driver as the hiFace Two.
Windows operation in Direct Sound, Kernel Streaming, WASAPI and ASIO.
Available in different fashions:

  • PCM only or PCM+DSD;
  • PCM up to 192kHz or up to 384kHz;
  • native DSD up to 256x, DoP up to 128x;
  • Hardware control or SPI software control.

Power options:

  • USB 5V;
  • external 5V supply;
  • external 3.3V supply.

For more information, please download and read the datasheet.

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