Marley MkII


High performance Headphones Amplifier

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The Marley MkII Headphones Amplifier has everything you need to turn your headphones listening experience in an unforgettable moment.
Its balanced, discrete-components, very low-noise power circuit delivers crystal-clear power to every kind of headphones, be it a single-ended dynamic design or a balanced, planar model which draws a lot of current.
The very low noise floor allows for every nuance in the sound to emerge and contribute to the overall sound picture.
If you feel the need for tailoring your headphones frequency response to your sonic reference, the Marley MkII’s 3-band tone control will help you reach the target.
You might be disappointed by the unnatural soundstage perception when listening to old stereo recordings: no problem! The Marley MkII’s cross-feed circuit will handle the extreme channel separation, retrieving a more natural sonic portrait from the recording.
Performance may be increased by powering the Marley MkII by the Van Der Graaf MkII: lower noise, larger dynamic, even better 3D soundstage delivery.
You can operate the Marley MkII by its front panel’s controls, by its IR remote and by the free app for Android and iOS.

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso 2.5 kg
Dimensioni 37 × 24 × 10 cm


Max output voltage

9Vrms (SE, 8 Ohms), 18Vrms (balanced, 16 Ohms)




112dBA (Single-ended), 115dBA (Balanced)