Van Der Graaf MkII


Very Low Noise Power Supply


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The Van Der Graaf MkII is a very low noise power supply for the Young MkIII and the Nash, as well as other products which need one of the Van Der Graaf MkII available output voltages. It features a vanishingly low noise voltage, same or even bettee than a battery.
The four available outputs can be activated in any order user needs. The Van Der Graaf MkII is provided with an IR sensor which receives the on/off commands from any Rockstars Series remote control. This way, the Van Der Graaf MkII can switch its outputs on/off, as programmed by the user, by a simple remote button push.
The Van Der Graaf MkII comes with all the cables needed to use all four outputs.

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso 3 kg
Dimensioni 30 × 22 × 7 cm
Residual noise

3uVrms (20 to 22000 Hz)

Power Consumption


Input Voltage

90-260VAC, 50/60Hz

Output Voltage (Out 1 & 2)

9VDC or 15VDC

Output Voltage ( Out 3 & 4)

5VDC, +15VDC, -15VDC

Product Size