Evo Two

Evo Two Series

Modular hi-fi components for desktop and traditional audio systems

Location courtesy “Da Forum”, Livorno – www.daforumarredamentolivorno.it
Linn LP12 turntable courtesy “Music for Life”, Pisa – www.musicforlife.it

Audiophiles know that when the best performance is required, separate components systems give the best. Each component is purposely designed to perform a single task in the best way possible.

This approach is often applied to megabuck hi-end components which are only at reach for a few wealthy people. With the Evo Two Series by M2Tech, the same approach is applied to affordable, compact products which deliver stunning sound quality despite size and price.

A modular system which can grow step by step, depending on user’s desires and cash availability. Each step adds to sound quality, renewing the pleasure always associated to the purchase of a new piece of equipment, without the need for changing the subtle balance in the hi-fi system that’s so hard to find.

A complete hi-fi front-end can be composed with Evo Two Series products, user must only provide a turntable, one or more digital sources (including a computer) and two active speakers, or a power amplifier an two passive speakers.

Whether you are looking for a high-end DAC at an affordable price or a stellar D/D to send music to your DAC from your computer, the Evo Two series is the best choice.

Even more so when you look for components with great performance to assemble a good sounding budget system for your office desk, your van or your summer holidays house at the seaside.

hiFace Evo Two

High Resolution Digital-to-Digital Converter.

Evo DAC Two Plus

Highest resolution Digital-to-Analog Converter/Preamplifier.

Evo Supply Two

Extremely Low Noise power Supply.

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